• What Is Reunion 2018?

    Reunion is a hybrid "music festival meets spiritual retreat," hosted and curated by musician collective United Pursuit. At its simplest, Reunion is a community experience of people of all walks of life, age, and background coming together for a weekend to create space to reconnect with each other, ourselves, and God.

  • When And Where Is It Held?

    When: October 11th - 14th, 2018

    Where: Storytellers Hideaway Farm: 9347 Old Highway 46, Bon Aqua, TN 37025.

  • What Exactly Will We Do?

    A little bit of everything, really. We'll eat delicious meals from local food trucks, enjoy extended open-air worship times, participate in collaborative workshops, wrestle with ideas, experience blow-your-mind teaching from our spiritual parents/mentors, make new friends from all over the world, and unwind around a massive campfire till late at night. You get the idea. It's worth taking a few days off work.

  • Who Will Be Playing Music and Speaking?

    The whole United Pursuit community will be leading and sharing throughout the weekend, along with a bunch of our good friends, spiritual parents, and mentors. We could name some names... naw, you should just come and be surprised later :)

  • When Is The Weekend Schedule Released?

    A few weeks prior to the festival. We'll announce most of the weekend, but keep a few surprises up our sleeves.

  • Where Should I Stay?

    We hope you'll camp with us on the farm. It's a stunning place, and you will have everything you need for an enjoyable camping experience. Or, you can stay off site at nearby hotels in Dixon, TN or a bit further, Franklin, TN.

  • How Should I Prepare For The Weather?

    Statistically, this is Tennessee's driest time of the year, with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 50s. Typically, it's perfect for camping but just to be safe, we suggest checking the weather forecast before you depart. Packing lightweight layers and a waterproof shell is a safe bet.

  • What Happens If It Rains?

    Reunion 2018 is a rain or shine event, though most of the music, speaking, etc will be under tents.

  • Why Isn't Reunion Free?

    These kinds of events are expensive to run. Generators, toilets for days, stages, sound systems, you get the idea... $$$$. And we'd like to honour our guests by compensating them fairly. Comparatively speaking, we think the ticket price is reasonable. We hope you do too :)

  • What Should I Bring To The Festival?

    • Sunscreen

    • Hats

    • Sunglasses

    • Empty container to use at our water refill stations

    • Valid Driver's License

    • Comfortable footwear

    • Camping Gear (read below for list of gear)

  • Can I Bring Food?

    Yes! Please bring whatever food you want in order to meet your dietary needs. We want to make sure you the weekend is affordable and that your dietary needs are met. We will also have 3 to 4 different food trucks available at each meal time.

  • Is The Festival Accessible To People With Disabilities?

    There will be ADA access throughout the grounds, though conditions may vary due to weather. Reunion staff will be on hand to assist those in need. ADA accessible restrooms will be available.

  • Any Tips On Preparation For A Day At Reunion?

    • Sunglasses

    • Lather up in sunscreen and bug spray

    • Bring a hat

    • Wear comfy shoes

    • Stay hydrated! Drink water before you get to the event.

  • What Will Be Available In The Food Truck Park?

    We will have a diverse variety of food vendors that will make everyone happy, even our picky eaters. Food trucks will be announced closer to the event.

  • What About Vegetarian Items?

    A few of our food vendors will feature vegetarian options.

  • Will You Have Merchandise For Sale?

    Yes! We'll have festival t-shirts, hoodies, etc. for sale, along with merchandise from guest speakers and bands.

  • Is There A Monthly Ticket Payment Plan?

    Yes! Eventbrite partners with Affirm, allowing for you to pay for your ticket over the next 3 - 6 months. Read more about Affirm.

  • How Can I Apply For A Food Booth?

    If you are interested in being considered, please email us with your company/business name, full contact and company information, and detailed information on the specific food items you prepare for vending. Send info to:

  • Can I Volunteer?

    Yes, we are accepting a limited number of volunteers. You'll help with check in, parking, cleaning, set up/tear down, etc. But don't worry, you won’t miss any of the main sessions.

    GROUP A A must arrive by 11am on Thursday, Oct 11th for a quick training session. You'll work a max of 5 hours Thursday and 4 hours on Friday.

    GROUP B will work a max of 4 hours Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.

    When you purchase a ticket, you'll select your work preference. No promises, but we'll do our best to find a good fit for you! To sweeten the deal, if you work both of your shifts, our volunteer supervisor will verify this to us and we'll refund you $102.44, bringing your ticket cost to $50.

  • I'm Arriving Late On Thursday (or Fri/sat). Is That Ok?

    Yes. We have security at the gate until midnight, checking people in. If you plan on arriving later than midnight, email us at

  • I Can't Come Now. Can I Have A Refund?

    Sorry, this is a non-refundable event. But you CAN transfer/sell your ticket to someone else. Learn how to transfer your ticket.

  • Can Children Come? Will There Be A Price Break?

    Yes! We only ask that parents fill out a parental supervision waiver at least 10 days before the event, per the request of our hosts. As for family discounts, children 12 and under are free.

  • How do Campsites Work

    The main campground area is marked and divided into 10x25ft campsites (literally painted lines on the field). They are all first- come, first-serve, and are included in your ticket. This ensures everyone coming has a place to camp. They are NOT assigned or reserved in advance.

    How it works: When you arrive, you park your car in our parking lot, then walk a few hundred yards to the tent area and pick a spot in the field. We ask people traveling together to share a 10x25ft site if possible. So if you buy 3 tickets, you DON'T need three 10x25 sites, because you can easily fit multiple tents on one.

    If you want to park your car beside your tent, we have the option to buy a drive-up campsite pass for $100, which is in a different part of the farm.

  • Will Electrical Sites Be Available?

    No. Plan on not having electrical access throughout the event. So bring a cell phone battery recharger if you want your phone to survive the weekend. (Only exception, the glamping tents will have power.)

  • Handicap Accessibility

    All campsites are considered to be handicap accessible. Restrooms are ADA compliant. Our showers are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. If you need additional special assistance, please contact us BEFORE the festival at

  • Can I Bring My Own Grill?

    Proper BBQs with legs and covers are permitted, so long as they are adequately suspended off the ground. There will be large designated fire pits around the site for toasting s'mores, roasting hot dogs, and all around campfire hangouts.

  • Banned Items For Reunion 2018

    • Weapons

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Fireworks

    • Aerial Drones

    • Amplified PA systems

    • Pets of any kind

  • Camping Pack List

    Must Haves

    • Tent (waterproof)

    • Sleeping Bag

    • Sleeping Mat

    • Flashlight

    • Sunscreen

    • Water containers (we have a filtered water supply)

    • Cooler

    • Your Own Food

    • Cooking Supplies

    • Camp Dinnerware

    • Blanket and/or camp chairs for sitting during the main sessions

    • Cash or credit/debit card for food trucks

    • Sweatshirt / jacket (can get cold at night/early morning)

    • Pillow

    • Towel (if you plan to shower)

    • Shampoo, soap, shower supplies

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Sunglasses

    Nice To Haves

    • Shade tent

    • Tarp (for under your tent to block moisture or rain)

    • Lantern, headlamp

    • Pocket knife

    • Bug spray

    • Raincoat, boots (just in case)

    • Hat

    • Battery operated fan

    • Cell phone battery pack

    • Instrument

    • Smores :)

    • Frisbee

  • Campfires

    Campfires and cooking fires will be allowed ONLY in official campfire rings onsite, which will be started and stoked by staff.

  • Can We Bring Our Own Alcohol?

    People who are of legal age (21+ yrs) may bring alcohol to the farm. We ask that those who choose to drink do so responsibly. We trust you'll exercise discretion. Anyone who drinks irresponsibly risks being permanently removed from the site. Absolutely no under-age drinking will be tolerated.

  • Farm Re-entry

    If you are camping on the farm, we ask you keep your car parked the entire weekend. The only exception being for emergencies. If you are staying offsite at a hotel, we'll have a dedicated parking area for you that makes it easy for you to exit and re-enter.

  • Car Parking Options

    Main Parking Lot: You'll park a few hundred yards away from the tent area and walk over with your gear. Cost: FREE (included in ticket)

    Drive-up Campsites: We're providing a limited number of drive-up campsites that lets you park your car beside your tent. Cost $100. This is a great option for people with lots of camping equipment or families. Purchase this drive-up campsite pass when buying your ticket as an add-on. As a bonus, we'll throw in 2 free shower wristbands :)

  • Campsite Capacity

    The Tent Only campsites are 10 x 25, plenty of room for your tent and gear. Feel free to share tents with friends/family. More fun!

    The Drive-up Car campsites are 10 x 30. For most people, this allows only 1 vehicle + 1 tent. You can have friends camp with you on your drive-up site if there's room for them. No need for them to buy a drive-up pass if they can fit! They will need a early bird/general admission ticket though.

  • Noise Curfew

    A 1:00 am noise curfew will be enforced on the farm. Please be considerate of your fellow campers.

  • Pet Policy

    We’re sorry but for the safety of your pet and other festival attendees, pets are not allowed. The only exception are service dogs. Please email us as soon as possible so that we can prepare accordingly at

  • Rv's And Campers

    We're offering limited amount of RV parking passes at $250. As long as they fit the size of your campsite, 20 x 50, bring 'em! Electricity is not provided.

  • Security/emergencies

    24-hour security and medic staff will be provided on the farm.

  • If we share a tent, can we buy 1 ticket?

    Sorry, but no. Everyone entering the Reunion site needs their own ticket. Carpool if you want, pack as many people in your tent as your heart desires... but everyone needs their own ticket. Well, except kids 12 and under.

  • Can I Drop Off My Camping Gear First?

    No. Cars aren’t allowed on the main tent camping field. Sorry.

  • Do You Have Any Tent Rental Options?

    Yes! We have two types of tents you can rent, with lots of sleeping arrangement options.

    Standard Tent + Camping Gear Rental - Starting at $295

    This setup is ideal for people flying in & don't want the hassle of checking extra bags or those of you who don't own a camping gear. It includes a standard tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.If you rent a camping package, you'll pick it up when you check in and will need to set it up yourself. No sweat, it's easy to set up.

    • 2 person package = $360

    • 4 person package = $480

    Glamping Tent Rental - Starting at $550

    If you want the cushiest, most comfortable camping experience, glamping tents are for you. Think a big & spacious tent, setup for you before you arrive. For a bit more value, try splitting the costs with friends. For example, a 4 cot tent costs $163 per person for the weekend ($54 per night).

    • 2 cots - $550

    • 4 cots - $650

    • 1 queen - $700

    • 2 twins - $750

    • 2 queens - $800

The Main Entrance to Reunion 2018 is located at
9347 Old Highway 46, Bon Aqua, TN 37025.
The closest airport is in Nashville, TN, airport code BNA.


Grab a ticket now before they're all gone. See you in October!